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To:  All Deer Hunters

If you're like me and love to talk about deer, deer hunting and ways to harvest big bucks then keep reading....  this might be one of the most important letters you could read this year!

Do you:

  • Day dream and  think about hunting deer all the time?
  • Looking for ways to harvest that trophy buck?
  • Want to earn the bragging rights with your buddies?
  • Shop for new huntin' gear all the time?
  • Can't wait to get out to the field to scout and hunt deer? 

Read on...  there's valuable information here just for you!

Here's What This Is All About:

Taking a trophy buck is a dream to most deer hunters.  To be able to do it consistently is what separates the experts from the wanna-bees.

Knowing deer habits, how and where they spend their time, what they do under varying conditions, and then discovering all the secrets to get into the right position to harvest them is what deer hunting is all about. 

Even if you only want meat for the table or only have a tag for a doe, this advanced hunting information will help you be a better hunter and teach you how to maximize your time in the field.     

TWO New Chapters Added:

As we promised, we updated the book and added some excellent content.  The first new chapter is "Scoring Deer on the Hoof: Shoot or Don't Shoot?" and covers all the details of what to look for when you are trying to decide to shoot that posible record book buck.  Learning how to quickly score them while in the field is something a trained hunter can do - but you have to understand how to judge size and know what to look for. 

The second new chapter is one almost all hunters will want to know:  "Using Trail Cams To Increase Your Trophy Buck Harvest".  This is one of the most complete discussions of trail cams you'll find anywhere.  You learn how to use them, how to choose them and be introduced to advanced methods that will put you onto big bucks that are in your hunting areas.





"I was able to see over twenty deer per day using your scent control methods and used the goal setting plans to finally bring down a buck I can be proud of."



After three years in the field and countless hours, I was still unable to bag a decent buck.

Your book and e-mail pointers helped me identify and locate the best places to hunt on my parent’s land. I was able to see over twenty deer per day using your scent control methods and used the goal setting plans to finally bring down a buck I can be proud of. Thanks for your help!!!

Ryan S.,  Nebraska City, NE

Anyone can get lucky...  but to be one of those who can consistently locate and actively hunt big bucks in almost any territory requires lots of professional tactics, special knowledge and inside secrets. 

Most new and 'average' hunters are satisfied with marginal results year after year.  Yet, with some excellent inside knowledge and tips from successful hunters your ability to harvest the buck of your dreams comes into the realm of possibility.   You still have to work at it - but it makes a huge difference when you have the knowledge working for you.

"Obviously I got him, thanks to your advice."

On the second day of the hunt the wind was coming from the East. I was sitting in tall willow grass, when at about five o'clock, after a good hour of waiting, along came a five by four with a spread of 16.5, the main beam was 20.5, and the longest tine was 11.5. Obviously I got him, thanks to your advice.
Thank you,

David H.    Manitoba, Canada


"I took your advice and went into the thick undercover...."

Hey Charlie,

I just bagged my meat buck, on the windiest day of the week, gusting up to 64kph out of the west.  It was a nice 5x5, scoring 150 with only 2 inches of deductions, net typical of 147 and 6/8ths.   

I took your advice and went into the thick undercover and found a nice trail and stood and waited for a couple of hours.   The deer were moving thru there like ants on a sugar cube.  Just one more tag to fill, and I can hardly wait to take that big Sask. whitetailed monster.

Till then  keep up the awesome work.

Thank you,

Tim L.    Saskatchewan, Canada

"....  thanks for all the great info..."


Just wanted to say thanks for all the great info and show you my results from all of it. 

This is an Alberta, Canada whitetail deer taken with a 25-06 at 300 yds.

Darryl B.  Alberta, Canada

Scored 167 (just shy for the record books)

Here's A Few Of the Responses
From Those Who Purchased The Book:

- “I liked the in depth stuff about where to find trophy bucks. Wind currents and thermals ‘

- “The section on scents and calling was very helpful this year. I pulled a 170lb 10pt right in on me after reading.“

- “I’ve been hunting for 3 years now and it’s helping me to understand the different phases of hunting…”

- ”I liked all the specific details to almost every aspect of deer hunting. I just started hunting again after about 20 years off so I am learning all over again”

- “The book is a great review for the “seasoned hunter”. After years of hunting the same places a person gets somewhat complacent. You tend to forget the life of the whitetail. Also the book is to the point. What should be done and how to perform certain tricks of the trade to be successful. People will use this book often before and during the hunting season.”

- “I liked your book and benefited most from the chapters on still hunting, stalking and calling”

- “I like that the book went over material that I may have already known, but have incorrectly trained myself not to fully implement. Since reading your book, I have been very well prepared this season and felt more confident even before I leave my house. By reading your book before I left home to get in the field, I made my list of materials I need and how I will use them when scouting/hunting. “

- “Good content presented in a straight forward manner.”

- “What helped me most this past season was searching for the secondary trails bucks use instead of the main ones and I found a couple of good ones. Also the ridges I hunt I was able to identify some good funnels for the next season.”

- “I Loved the information on Still Hunting.”

- “Just about any deer hunting question I have is there in this book. Its very informative.”

- “I learned a lot about thermal air currents and sent control.”

- “The book was very informative and it helped me locate more deer than before.”

- “Great information on every subject can’t wait to use it next year”

- “It hits all the points you needed to know without all the bull

- “Very good descriptions about deer’s habits, where they are and what are they doing during the day and season.”

- “I liked the info on hunting heavy cover for big bucks as well as good times to still hunt and stalk.”

- “What I liked about this book was very clear “get to the point”

- “… the one thing in your book made me forget about just being in the woods, and that’s great !! I used to enjoy hunting - just taking in the stuff going on in the woods, and if I harvest a deer that was a bonus. That’s what I forgot; I was just too tied up on bringing home the deer. Great book


Why The Focus On BIG Bucks?

Great question..  let me explain:  If you're new to deer hunting then there's lots to discover.  However, if you've been hunting a while and want to take your hunting to the next level and find the biggest buck in your hunting area, then you'll need to know the tips, secrets and various tactics that will enable you to find and harvest the big boys.

The reality of deer hunting is this:  if you can find and harvest the big 'ole wary bucks then the rest is much easier. 

Now - to answer that question - so many books just focus on "generic deer hunting" tactics.  That's why I decided to put the primary focus of this entire book on harvesting BIG Bucks.

It's simple - if you understand the advanced techniques that expert-level hunters use to locate, out-smart and harvest the largest bucks in an area then you'll be ready to harvest anything - does or bucks.  Make sense?

I want you to get the most for your investment - so I bring the highest level of hunting expertise to the table.  It's up to you to use it and apply it in your hunting area.

I found that the real secret to taking big bucks in not in the gear but rather in the knowledge I can gather about the whitetails in the area I hunt. 

"Deer Hunting Secrets EXPOSED" is a NO BS book that presents expert information on finding and taking BIG Bucks.

I guarantee you that you won't want to put it down.  When reading it you'll be itching to get out to the field - no matter what time of the year - to scout, hunt or map an area.  You'll want to apply your new-found knowledge right away...  and you should!

You'll quickly realize that...

There are many critical things
most hunters don't know:

  • Where are the trophy bucks before the rut
  • Where are the bucks during the rut? 
  • How about in the dead of winter?  Most things change when winter really sets in...  and you need to know about it.
  • Where do those same trophy bucks head when there is high hunting pressure in an area?
  • The majority of hunters either aren't sure or don't have a clue where to place their stands or blinds...  or when it would be much more productive to start stalking instead.  You can - it's all in the book.  
  • When and how should you use scents?    Many hunters scare more deer away than they attract because they don't understand how to use scents and the deer know it isn't natural.
  • What should you do when the weather changes?  Where do you hunt for the big bucks when it's raining, snowing, windy or a dozen other situations?
  • When would stalking be much more productive than sitting in a stand?
  • What scents should you use - when, why and how?  When should you NOT use scents?

  • What part of the  rut is the most critical time when most big bucks are taken?  You NEED to know!
  • If you're new to deer hunting...  or are going into a new area - where can you go and who has the information you need about big bucks?  Our whole section on Utilizing Resources could make or break your hunt.

"... the highlighted tips in the book are like Gold!"


I bought the book (download) just 3 weeks ago.  Already I'm seeing more deer than I ever thought were there.  I was doing a lot of things wrong!  I see a lot more signs now that I know what to look for.  I've scouted the area using your tips (with a map now!) and I have moved my stands into a much better location.  I can't wait for my season to open.  You cover lots of great info but for me, the highlighted tips in the book are like Gold!  Thanks.

Jimmy W. ,  MS.

Maximize your time in the field....

If you're like most hunters, you only have the opportunity to be in the field hunting a few days a yearSo why wouldn't you want to discover all you can to maximize your time out hunting to ensure you get that deer you're after?   You never know when you'll get another opportunity.

It only makes sense to make the most of your opportunities to hunt.  You wait a full year, spend hundreds of dollars on equipment, travel, tags, etc.  A few dollars for a wealth of information that will teach you and show you how to position yourself for the deer you've been dreaming of is nothing! 

Don't go out and wander around in the woods and hope to get lucky.  Instead, discover how to MAXIMIZE your time in field and KNOW where to be to take those BIG bucks!

Less than 1% of the deer hunters truly understand deer, specifically large bucks, and know how to bag them in all kinds of different conditions.  

Here's Just A Few Of The Secrets
You'll Discover In This Book

  • How and why you need to set a GOAL for what you want to accomplish...  doing so will set the tone of the whole season. CH 1

  • A COMPLETE list of resources, many of which are overlooked, that will be the basis for your preparation and short cut your scouting and research. CH 2

  • Why you need to understand what deer do besides browsing and sleeping...  and how it can lead you right to the best locations to ambush your deer.  Pg 11

  • What shots are always safe to take and how they differ whether you are using a firearm or a bow.  CH 3

  • The 6 critical areas of the deer's anatomy that every hunter must understand about shot placement and ensuring a clean kill.  Pg 12

  • Deer are prey animals and have senses that are far advanced that keep them out of harm.  Most hunters don't understand these well and end up spooking deer way before they even see them.  We'll show you how to overcome these senses and turn them into your advantages.  Pgs. 15 - 17

  • How to enter the woods in stealth mode and not alert the deer to your presence.  Pg 16

  • The one thing you must do to keep comfortable in the woods or else you may endanger your life.  Pg. 18

  • Specific equipment that you must have in your pack to ensure your survival should you get lost.  CH 4

  • What to look for in a good knife to ensure you can field dress your deer safely and quickly.  Pg. 20

  • What to do when you get buck fever and how to best overcome it.  CH 5

  • How to use maps and aerial photos to pinpoint the natural areas to hunt.  Understanding this will put you in the top 5% of hunters.  CH 6

  • Finally - a complete answer and full understanding to the age-old question" "Where did all the bucks go?"  Pgs. 25-30

  • Where you need to scout and how to locate the hiding areas bucks head to during different parts of the season.  CH 6 + 7

  • 6 complete sections on where and why you'll find deer in different parts of the day. CH 6

  • The very thing you must do to approach a bedding area and why most bucks know you're coming.  This one thing alone will put you onto many secluded bucks.  Pg. 28

  • What you should do to find the bucks in areas where there is heavy hunting pressure.  Most hunters don't understand this and you can use it your advantage.  Pg. 29

  • You must understand the 5 phases of the rut and how it affects deer activity.  We'll show you how to know what phase you're in.  CH 7

  • The one BEST time to take a trophy buck during the rut and where he'll be.  Most big  bucks are taken this time of the season than any other time for a reason...  you need to know this!  Pg. 34

  • How to recognize rubs and scrapes and what they mean...  and know the relative size of deer in the area.  Pgs. 32-33

  • Know the favorite food of deer in your area and know when and how to hunt them during the season.

  • 3 primary calls you should use...  but only at the right time.  Not understanding WHEN to call can drive deer away. CH 8

  • How to use rattling to pull deer in. But rattle at the wrong time and the wrong way and you'll be busted.  Pgs. 38 - 40

  • Why most hunters drive deer away using scents.  Understand these pitfalls to your advantage.  Pg. 41

  • An absolute killer method to use scents on your way to your stand or blind.  But do it wrong and you'll spook the deer.  Pg. 41

  • When and where to get your scent and buck lures and why.

  • A full chapter dedicated to stands and blinds.  You must understand why you choose one over the other in specific areas and times of the season.  CH 9

  • How to make the best decisions for stand and blind placement.... and why you should consider having more than one to maximize your chances.  Pgs. 47-51

  • The 5 major considerations for stand placement based weather concerns. 

  • Countless things to look for when scouting an area.  Multiple tips and secrets that will help you later in the season because you know the signs to look for.

  • How long should you stay in your stand?  We'll describe exactly how long and why.  Pg. 50

  • A complete section with 9 specific safety issues when using a stand.

  • Secret techniques developed by the Indians for stalking and still hunting.  We'll show you how to apply those to today's environment and clothing.  CH. 10

  • How to use your binoculars like they were your most trusted friend....  tips and secrets that most hunters don't have a clue about. 

  • The one most important thing you need to do BEFORE you enter the woods when stalking.

  • How understanding the weather changes can make or break your hunt and how you can use the weather patterns to absolutely see more deer.  CH 11

  • The most effective way to hunt on those windy days.  Not doing so will put you at a disadvantage.

  • How thinking differently, and why, will let you see and harvest more bucks.  If you can adjust your thinking you'll be rewarded for it. 

  • Know where to look for the really big bucks in your area.  This alone will separate you from the other 95% of hunters.

  • NEW! Understand how to score bucks when you spot them and know whether you have a shooter or not.

  • NEW! A complete chapter on how to use trail cams.  Most hunters just put them up and get marginal results.  We'll show you how you can use them most effectively and advanced methods that most hunters don't have a clue about.

 That's a small sample of what you'll discover.  You simply can't afford to go into the field without this knowledge if you want to be successful.  Your opportunities to harvest that big buck are not endless...  so maximize your chances and discover the secrets of the experts.

It's Not Your Fault...

Understand this:  your current experience level doesn't matter.  What does matter is your willingness to discover and apply these secrets and truths in your own life right now and make the decision to improve.  If you take action now you'll quickly approach that expert level and become the hunter you dream about. 

Hundreds have successfully discovered and applied this knowledge to their deer hunting and will carry those experiences and expertise throughout their lives.

 ”My Guarantee: Either You're Satisfied
Or I’ll Give You Your Money Back”

No questions asked, no problems, no hassles.. If you are not 100% satisfied, then send me an email and I’ll refund your money. It is just as simple as that.

I know these secrets and tactics work. I know they will give you that edge to become the hunter you are ready to become. I know that you will never find anything as powerful and effective as discovering the habits and secrets of whitetail deer.

This is a one-time purchase that you can use again and again. But, if you try it and don’t have success or don't believe you discovered enough valuable information to make you successful, then just email me and I’ll give you a full refund….

The only thing that I ask is that you actually put the information to the test before asking for a refund.  That's fair for both you and me.

You Risk Nothing:  If you don't discover valuable insights and strategies that put you onto big bucks (or if you think I'm just full of BS), then return it for a full refund.  Fair enough?

(How do you think he'd score?)

Order TODAY and I'll Include
These GREAT Bonus Books:


 Bonus #1:  "Hunting with the Bow and Arrow by Saxton Pope"

If you're familiar with the Pope and Young scoring system for archery hunters then you'll quickly indentify with Saxton Pope.  This book was written by Saxton Pope and we have secured the distribution rights for it. 

This is an EXCELLENT book to reference and has an amazing amount of detail on how to hunt various game. 
We bring the entire book to you, fully illustrated,  FREE as another bonus for buying our book. 
($25 value)


 Bonus #2:  "How to Use A Compass With a Topo Map"

Confusing for many, here's a quick guide to show you exactly how to use a compass with your topo maps.  Very informative and useful for anyone going into the outdoors. 
( $10 value)


 Bonus #3:  "How Old Is My Deer?"

Always a common question with hunters.  Here's a definitive guide with pictures to show you how old your deer is.
Now you can know for certain using the methods described.  Based on many years of research and scientific study.
($15 value)


 Bonus #4:  "In The Wilderness"

Another excellent book that you'll love to read in deer camp or while you're chilling out around home.

This is a book that takes you story by story through multiple hunting, fishing and outdoor situations that will have you laughing out loud... It's a great read and one you'll go back to time after time.
($15 value)


 Bonus #5:  "Wild Game Recipes"

Over 400 tested recipes for wild game including 100+
for venison, jerky, etc. and recipes for pheasant, quail, ducks, geese, and more!
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P.S.  My Grandpa once told me that the definition of insanity was
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  Lots of wisdom there...  perhaps it's time to learn some new tactics and better understand the bucks you seek.  Learn new methods, know where they'll be and get setup for success in the field this season.  Just one or two principles or tactics could make a huge difference for you.  Order your copy now!

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